Hey guys, Jess here!! Photography has been picking up for me lately and I'm so excited to be booking more and more weddings each year. Lately, I have been staying pretty busy sending out contracts and questionnaires to my engaged couples. I'm so excited for the 2021 wedding season! I wanted to share a brand with you guys that I have been LOVING. Whether you are engaged, you're close to someone who is getting married, or you just want some new, beautiful jewelry, Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge is the cutest family-owned business!

Amanda, a mother from California created this vision and made it a reality. Now she and her team are dedicated to creating and sending out high-quality, handmade, special occasion accessories to people and retailers all over the world. The best part - it won't break the bank. There's not one item in this shop that I don't absolutely adore! Every accessory is made with love and commitment for their brides and customers.


Untamed Petal's aesthetic is so soft and pleasing. I have been crushing on their Instagram feed for a while now and knew I had to figure out a way to share the beauty of this shop with my clients. Each and every accessory can be worn and styled in many different ways. I have no doubt in my mind that I want multiple accessories from this shop at my personal wedding. Their stuff is just so simple, yet so elegant. I have dreams of being a product photographer for them. (Take me to Cali, please!)


This 'Bride" barrette is only $15 off their site right now. Talk about a good deal for such a unique accessory. They also have options that spell out 'wifey' and 'love'. Such a cute item to feature in your getting ready photos on your wedding day! (ahem, 2021 Brides!) I can't wait to feature this brand in my feed for all of eternity.


Their newest item, the "love is not canceled" bar necklace, is such a cute gift for all brides getting married this year. Due to the virus, so many couples have had to rethink or change the details of their wedding, and there are now so many limitations. This necklace is such a special reminder that love is not canceled. I love the idea of having this as a keepsake and reminder of the current events happening in our world on the day of your wedding.


If you shop their site, they feature sample sales which are final sales on sample products they have. Here you can find some of the most beautiful accessories for an unforgettable price. I just purchased a beautiful floor veil that was originally $208 for only $78. I can't wait to use this in my upcoming styled shoots!

When you order from Untamed Petals, you are supporting a small family-owned business. I am sure that Amanda, along with her husband and kids do a little happy dance for each order they receive. I am so excited to help Amanda grow the business while also being able to offer everyone 10% off their order, every time.

Use code 'JESSICAJADE' or shop from the link below to get an extra 10% off your order.

The dreamiest wedding accessories for every bride are here, and what better way than to purchase from a small business in America??

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