The first time I met Kiley, I was immediately taken back by the creativity she showed. Kiley contacted me when I was starting out with my photography business to take one-year photos of her son Wes at his first birthday party. It was Dr. Seuss-themed. HOW ADORABLE. When I got to the party, I was amazed by how put-together the party theme was. Not only that, but Kiley seemed like such a down-to-earth human, and amazing mom! I knew then that I wanted to be her friend.

Kiley is a full-time mother, worker, student, and business owner! Despite all the responsibilities she has, she began creating beautiful macrame pieces and selling them on her Instagram. I bought one of her very first pieces and it will forever be a favorite item in my home. It currently hangs on my bedroom wall. Kiley has so much natural talent for this craft. Amidst the pandemic, she started a successful macrame business called Macramaine.

Here’s her link: Macramaine

Kiley has even worked hard to custom-create beautiful items for my other business, Mom and Pop Subscription Box. Check out this rear-view mirror hanging she made exclusively for our January 2021 box. I was so excited to support her business as she continues to support mine. Hashtag, business besties!

Our photoshoot at the Portland Head Light in January was so much fun and shows some of my best work yet. Kiley and Wes showed up in the cutest outfits, I'm so thankful for her pleasing aesthetic. This was a cold January day and Wes was such a trooper!! We walked all around the lighthouse and adventured down to the rocky beach area. I love clients that aren't afraid to climb a little for the best shots.

Most recently, I photographed her new product, the fruit hammock. I had been wanting this in my kitchen for a while. Previously, I had a basket on my countertop to hold my fruit. It was a constant battle for space since my apartment kitchen is so tiny. Kiley sent me this fruit hammock and it saved my life!! Such a great way to hold my fresh fruit without compromising countertop space. Anyone with a small kitchen needs this!

Recently, Kiley and I have opened up to each other more personally. I have learned that we have been through some of the same personal experiences. Knowing about some of the obstacles she faces in her life really hits home for me as I have felt the same way that she does at times. It's funny how life gravitates you towards some people. Sometimes we just need to hear from someone with a similar story to know we are not alone.


You radiate beauty on the inside and out. Anyone can see that you are a great worker and even better mom. I just know that amazing things are coming for you! I'm so glad to have you as a friend in both the business world and my personal life. Thank you for sharing your story and supporting me endlessly. You are forever one of my favorite clients. I can't wait to work with you in the future, whatever that may look like!