This may sound bias, but my sister is the BEST. She was willing to go completely submerged into a natural spring in late September in Northern Maine. If you're from here, you know. The water was icy cold and I could tell from the scream and painful face in the recent photos after that it wasn't very pleasant! But we love excitement and adventure. We get it from our dad. Plus, we hiked all the way into Slide Down to take these photos and at that point, there's no turning back. After seeing the outcome of these photos, it was non-regrettable. Lily is naturally GORGEOUS.

Adventure sessions like this are my absolute favorite. I love nature and I love being spontaneous. There's just something about going to a secluded place, unique from all other locations, to be ourselves, have fun, and take some pictures. Sometimes the best looking photos are the ones that have a unique, deep depth background like these with the waterfall and rocks.

Enjoy this cute snail we saw crossing the road on our hike home. We couldn't help but stop to take photos and help it cross.